Who Wants To Be Ordinary...

...In A Crazy Mixed Up World?

4 April 1979
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I like having lots of stuff on my bio page. Since my journal is friends only, I feel that a new person should get a feel for who I am before adding me randomly...so browse around, learn about me, and maybe introduce yourself.

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My husband, Robin, and me.

My bridal party - from the left are my bridesmaids Christine and Allison, then me, then my maid of honor Lisa, then my bridesmaid Janelle.

Me and Pooh Bear!

My impersonation of my hero, Drew Barrymore. Hehe.

I am:

35 years old.
Married to the best man on earth.
Smart with a good grasp on common sense.
Generous, kind, loving, and compassionate.
An Aries, and I act like it.
A great big dork.
A Spice Girls fan.
The mother of the world's cutest baby.

I have:

Reddish-brown hair.
Greyish-green eyes.
An inferiority complex.
The best circle of friends on LiveJournal.
Two cats who I love dearly.
A Ford Focus that's almost as cute as me.

Some random stuff:

In December 2012 I became the first woman in my family to earn a bachelor's degree, and I did it magna cum laude.

I love to talk and give advice.

I took my first cruise for my honeymoon, and we went to the Caribbean. We stopped at Grand Turk, San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Thomas, and Bermuda. Grand Turk was my favorite stop, followed by Bermuda.

A small pier in Grand Turk. I took this picture.

A mangrove forest in Grand Turk. We kayaked through here.

The old keep in Bermuda.

The streets in Hamilton are so narrow that everyone rides mopeds instead of driving cars. I thought that was pretty damn cool.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by what entertains them. My Amazon wishlist link is below - I think you can get a good feel of my personality by what's on it.
What does my wish list say about me?

Below are some links to things that amuse/interest me.

80's kitsch, 80s cartoons, alyson hannigan, aries, atheism, australia, autumn, baby-sitters club, bend it like beckham, bermuda, books, bubble baths, buffy the vampire slayer, buying the perfect gift, canada, candles, care bears, cats, charmed, cheese, chinese food, christmas, civil rights, coffee, colorado, cuddling, dancing, danny elfman, devil duckies, disney, dixie chicks, dr. pepper, dragons, drew barrymore, ducks, dvds, evolution, ewan mcgregor, fifth element, frank sinatra, freedom from religion, freethought, fresh air, fruity alcoholic drinks, gay marriage, gay rights, genealogy, getting haircuts, gilda radner, glitter, gmail, guitar, halloween, harry potter, heresy, history, home grown tomatoes, hugs, humor, intelligence, internet quizzes, ireland, jamba juice, jem and the holograms, john denver, johnny depp, kevin smith, kisses, kittens, laughing, learning, left wing politics, letters, liberalism, libraries, lilo and stitch, literature, looney tunes, lord of the rings, love, magic, making icons, maleficent, mango, marching band, marimba, massages, michael buble, modern art, monet, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theater, nancy drew, old navy, pagan traditions, paganism, people who understand, philosophy, piers anthony, politics, ponderosa high school, pop music, princess bride, pro choice, psychology, puerto rico, rain, rainbows, ravenclaw, reading, realdoll, reality tv, reese witherspoon, reincarnation, root beer barrels, san diego, sandra bullock, sarcasm, shaklee, silver jewelry, sims2, singing, sleeping, snark, south park, spice girls, spoonerisms, stephanie plum, sunsets, survivor, taco bell, tattoos, tea, teddy bears, tenacious d, the corrs, the far side, tim burton, tulips, used book stores, weddings, wicca, will and grace, winnie the pooh, women's studies, words, world peace, writing